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An Opportunist (2018)

Across five days care home assistant Kate drifts from after-parties to therapy sessions to her day job, struggling to address and control her kleptomania. But when Kate involves her young niece in a shoplifting spree it seems as if her inner thief has finally got the better of her. Until an opportunity to redeem herself arises...

Directed by Matt Page

Sound Design & Music Score:

Jeph Vanger

Release Date: 8 June 2018

FESTIVAL SCREENINGS Bucharest Short Cut Cinefest, Romania - August 2018 Electric Shorts, Melbourne, Australia - Sept 2018 Cinecity Film Festival - Brighton, UK - Nov 2018 Social Shorts, Barreiro, Portugal - Feb 2019 Copenhagen Film Festival - March 2019 (Nominated - Best Director) Social Shorts Film Awards (Portugal) - March 2019 LA Festival of Cinema (LA, USA) - April 5th 2019 (nominated - Best Short Film) Kinomorphia Film Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria) - 16-19 May 2019

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