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The Lost Art of Being 

The Lost Art of Being is a live stage and sound work for a group of bodies and 4 loudspeakers. It explores the notion of ‘being’ which the human kind tends to neglect due to the hectic and demanding nature of the modern everyday life.


The work was initially presented  as part of the Breaking Art workshop by Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris & Sofia Mavragani at Megaron - Athens Music Hall on the 16th & 17th of March 2018, then performed at Teatrocitta in Rome on the 21st of April 2018 and at Resolution Festival 2019 on the 21st of February 2019 in London


Choreography: Caterina Danzico

Performers: Caterina Danzico, Maria Vourou, Sabrina De Fabritiis, Veatriki Kapnisi, Angela Venturini

Music: Jeph Vanger

Trailer edited and filmed by Alice Underwood

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