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Sφera (2018)

Sφera (2018) is a multichannel sound environment where the physical presence of sound and the ongoing engagement become the priority. Loudspeaker Design experiments, 3D Audio and Contemporary Dance amalgamate through a symphony of a hand-built multicell horn speaker, a hand-built subwoofer and the Sonible IKO ambisonics speaker. A major part of the installation, pays tribute to the mournful sound of the Foghorn, using original recordings from the field performance Foghorn Requiem (2013), where 50 ships sounded their horns to a score taking into account landscape and the physical distance of sound. Sφera derives from the philosophical principles of the Greek philosopher Parmenides, who was interested in the spherical perception of being-in-the-world.


‘Being is complete on every side, like the mass of a well-rounded

sphere, equally balanced in every direction from the centre’.

Parmenides of Elea (Born 515 BC ), Pre-Socratic Greek Philosopher




Past Showings:

- October 9th, 2018  The Glove That Fits, London (UK) 

- September 22nd, 2018 Fort Process Festival, Newhaven (UK)

- October 1st & 2nd Brighton Digital Festival, Brighton (UK)


3D Audio IKO Speaker by sonible
Influenced by Foghorn Requiem (2013) by Joshua Portway,

Lise Autogena & Orlando Gough
Fog Signal Recordings Provision: Geoff Sample
Performance & Choreography of Bodies: Kyriaki Nasioula & Georgia Tegou

Photography: Constantine Pithis
Filming: Jess McCallum
Loudspeaker Design Experiments, Sound Diffusion & Composition: Jeph Vanger

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