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Reverie –

Georgia Tegou & Michalis Theophanous

A visual dance theatre performance

‘Reverie’ is a journey into the subconscious; a deep dive into a world surrounded by surreal images and symbols, revealing stories of darkness, irony, fantasy and delusion. Through a narrative that follows the structure of a dream, where temporal flow is constantly interrupted, ‘Reverie’ aims to question our certainties and threaten our established logic.

Choreographers Georgia Tegou & Michalis Theophanous create powerful dance performances that inhabit highly visual environments. Influenced by architecture, sculpture and the visual arts, they use the movement of bodies to portray narratives of the human condition. The end result is a blend of contemporary dance, visual physical theatre and performance art.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England, Studio Wayne McGregor through the Freespace programme, Onassis Cultural Centre, The Hellenic Centre, SystemsLab and the University of Roehampton.


Choreography & Direction: Georgia Tegou & Michalis Theophanous | dance-as-design.

Performers: Arianna Ballestrieri, Fenia Chatzakou, Michael Incarbone, Kostas Papamatthaiakis

Music Composition & Sound Design: Jeph Vanger

Masks: Maryliis Teinfeldt

Dramaturgy: Xenia Aidonopoulou

Lighting Design: Michael Toon

Photography: Nikolas Louka

Creative Producer: Mark Mallabone

Project Coordinator: Lia Garbola

Tour booking Producer: Lia Prentaki

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