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易烊千玺 X  HEXAGON COLLECTIVE  'Liquid Poetry'  /Behind-the-scenes
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液体诗 – Images of Liquid Poetry

Hexagon Collective – Beijing, China 2019

'Behind The Scenes' video:

Collaboration with Hexagon Collective, Choreographer Anna Herrmann and Beijing based artist 易烊千玺. My contribution is a score accompanying the video piece 'Images of liquid poetry' (液体诗) which was exhibited at Today's Art Museum in Beijing, China as part of the LOVE: Intimate exhibition in early 2019.


The list of participating artists in the exhibition includes Marina Abramovic, Yoko Ono, John Lennon and Aaajiao to name a few. 

Production: Hexagon Collective
Choreography: Anna Herrmann
Sound: Jeph Vanger

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