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Ithaca: upon every arrival Trailer


The intermedia performance explores the process of integration into a new destination, which entails a redefinition of one’s image/identity and their relationship with space, time and their body. Five artists and four creative fields, visual art, contemporary dance, sound design and performance art, intertwine and pass through phases inspired by Jacques Lacan’s “Mirror Stage”: 1) subjectivity, 2) spatial relations, 3) external sense of coherence and 4) sense of “I” and “you”. Each medium has its own role to perform as they invite the audience to witness the sequence of transformations a person experiences upon arriving in his/her Ithaca, until the decision moment: “Is this where I aspire to be?



Argyris Angeli, Kyriaki Nasioula



Choreography, dance: Kyriaki Nasioula, Georgia Tegou
Live projections: Argyris Angeli
Performance art: Eliza Soroga
Sound design and performance: Jeph Vanger
Lighting design: Michael Toon

Costume design: Argyris Angeli


Production management assistant / Communication: Lia Garbola

Stage manager: Abi Smallwood, Chara Panagi




AAIS Director: Theo Lorenz

AAIS Master: Tanja Siems

Narrative / Curation: Symeon Banos

Technical support: Joel Newman, Sepehr Malek, Michael Toon




In kind support:

Architectural Association

Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio

University of Roehampton, Department of Dance

Centre for Dance Research

Architectural Association Audiovisual Department


The project was developed by Kyriaki Nasioula and Argyris Angeli, two founding members of Gesamtatelier, as their Final Thesis for the MFA in Spatial Performance and Design at the Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio.

For this piece, I have recorded and manipulated sounds from the interaction between the dancers’ bodies and the costumes and made a composition which was diffused and performed on a 4.1 multichannel sound system, using the XY Send Nodes Circle Pan Max Patch and Ableton Live. Moving the sounds from speaker to speaker, I intended to create a multi-sensory experience for the audience.

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