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Henosis (2017)

“Henosis” (Ancient Greek: ἕνωσις) is the classical Greek word for mystical “oneness”, “union”, or “unity.” Henosis is an Audio Visual composition / installation consisting of a multichannel 7.1 sound composition and a visual composition which is projected onto a sphere. By taking the sound reproduction out of the conventional boundaries of the stereo speakers and placing 8 different speakers in a dark room with a hanging sphere (which looks like it is floating due to darkness), an immersive event is taking place. The visual side of ‘Henosis’ incorporates a steady paced movement of thousands of particles which, based on the rules of physics, they shape a spherical ecliptic-looking frame around the floating sphere, as well as onto it, making the observer to question and to complicate the physical and the virtual nature of the sphere. Additionally, the audience experiences the evolution of the initial 5 particles to the birth of thousands more of them which, eventually, they form a spherical entity.

The sound composition consists of original recordings of the ancient instrument didgeridoo, human-breath sounds which they travel in different places in the room (7.1 sound system), and synthesised sounds which are representing the physical reflections within the dark room. Moreover, the audience is able to experience binaural beating psychoacoustic phenomena, due to the 7 different low frequency sine wave tones, different for each speaker (50hz, 52hz, 54hz etc.).

Henosis AV Installation, Research & Development Video Preview

                                         Henosis was exhibited in 2017 at:

Old Police Station Gallery, London - Edited Arts
OXO Tower, London - London Design Festival x Clinic


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